Hello, I'm Harsh.

a front-end developer
Currently works as freelance web designer.
My skills

As of now, I am highly passionated about front-end web development. In order to design fully responsive website I use HTML5,CSS,CSS Flexbox and sometimes I take help of Bootstrap 4 framework.


Hey ! I not only design webpages but also design mobile apps and as my design weapon i use Adobe XD, Figma and Gravit Designer to design user-interface, flowcharts and wireframes.


Other than JavaScript, HTML, CSS.. I also know basics of Java and Python.I have also created an virtual voice assistant using python programming language.


If we talk about my goal in near feature then it is to become a full stack web developer.As i am super excited to learn React.js,Vue.js,Node.js, AngularJS, Express, MangoDB and Django.

About me

Harsh Vardhan Goswami

14yrs Old Developer

I'm a designer/developer from India.
I spend my days with my hands in many different
areas of front-end web development,visual design and user experience.

I'm extremely passionated about web
development and design in all it's froms
and love to work as a freelance designer
and developer.

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